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A pirate from another dimension helps a young boy navigate the most dangerous place of all: the sixth grade.

Sixth-grader Oliver Maris escapes into the world of his imagination to avoid the pain and hurt of a life spent at the bottom of the school food chain. Don’t bullies ever grow tired of picking on him? He only wishes he had a little courage and confidence to use the skills he’s learned during four years of judo lessons.

But when he switches places with handsome Captain Maris, a tough-as-the-seas pirate from another dimension where space travel, tall ships, and wild adventure are the norm, Oliver has a chance to take a stand and change his fate.

Captain Maris may have survived space battles, but he’ll face his greatest challenge yet while walking in Oliver’s shoes. In this middle-grade adventure about facing your fears and dealing with life-changing problems, author Fernando Bravo crafts an engaging tale that spans worlds.

Oliver Maris by Fernando Bravo

In his debut novel, Children of Gallor, Bravo uniquely combines a fantasy world he had been developing over six years with strong, vibrant characters inspired by his own children. A dramatic and didactic coming-of-age story set against a highly imaginative sci-fi backdrop, it tells a tale of action, adventure, tragedy, and triumph, and shows how—by confronting conflict with intelligence, skills, and values—otherwise-ordinary children can grow to become extraordinary people.

Children of Gallor by Fernando Bravo
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